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All Around Remodeling is Minnesota’s most trusted company when it comes to kitchen remodeling. With over 10 years of kitchen remodeling experience, All Around Remodeling has established themselves as the best kitchen remodeling company with a proven track record of remodeled kitchens in every budget range.

What is a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen remodel can mean different things to different people but the common denominator is that all kitchen remodels involve some kind of updating. A kitchen remodel can be as simple as a adding a new tile backsplash to a complete demo and brand-new modernized kitchen designed and built from the ground up.

What kitchen remodeling projects can All Around Remodeling handle?

If it’s in a kitchen we can handle it. Our experience as a kitchen remodeling company has allowed All Around Remodeling out of Forest Lake Minnesota to have first hand knowledge of every aspect associated with a kitchen. We will can and have done everything from custom cabinets and counter tops to custom islands and everything in between.

How much does it cost for a kitchen remodel quote?

The remodeling professionals at All Around Remodeling will come out to your home and provide you with fair and accurate kitchen remodel quote for free. Since we have so many years of experience with kitchen remodels, you can rest assured knowing that our quotes are accurate and not a “starting point”. If you are looking to get your kitchen remodeled and not sure what it will cost then give the remodeling pros at All Around Remodeling a call today and let us create a custom quote for your new dream kitchen.

Will All Around Remodeling use materials provided by the client?

All Around Remodeling out of Forest Lake Minnesota has no problem utilizing user provided materials for a kitchen remodel. We realize that not everyone trusts contractors to choose the best materials for their new kitchen and are nervous about contractors marking up materials astronomically which is why we have no problem including any and all client provided materials in our project quotes when requested.

How much does it cost for an average kitchen remodel?

There is no average cost for a kitchen remodel because there are too many variables involved. The price of a new kitchen remodel is dependent up what is actually being done as well as the choice of materials. Premium kitchen materials such as backsplash tile, custom cabinets, and granite counter tops can dramatically affect the total budget of a kitchen remodel. Because of all the different options and variables, the best way to get an idea of what your kitchen remodel will cost is to contact All Around Remodeling and have us come out to your home and provide you with a custom quote for your new remodeled kitchen.

How long does an average kitchen remodel take to complete?

Just like with the average cost of a kitchen remodel, there are just too many variables involved when estimating the time it would take to complete an “average” kitchen remodel. The size of the project and availability of materials are just two of the variables that determine the completion time of a new kitchen remodel.